Examining the History, Navigation, and Landfall of Christopher Columbus

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Columbus Portrait
Sebastiano del Piombo painted this portrait in 1519, thirteen years after Columbus's death.

Columbus's Navigation

Columbus and dead reckoning navigation.
Columbus and celestial navigation.
How long was Columbus's league? And how large was his Earth?
Columbus and longitude.
Columbus's ships.
Columbus's crew.
Columbus's log.
Where was Columbus's first landing place in the New World? Visit the Columbus Landfall Homepage.
Columbus Portrait
Alejo Fernandez's Virgin of the Navigators includes this vignette, perhaps of Columbus, painted between 1531 and 1536.

Columbus History

A Columbus Timeline.
Columbus's early years, 1451-1492.
The First Voyage, 1492-1493.
The Second Voyage, 1493-1496.
The Third Voyage, 1498-1500.
The Fourth Voyage, 1502-1504.
Columbus's death and burial.
Columbus Signature
Columbus often used this cryptic signature.

Columbus Special Topics

Who really discovered America?
Columbus and the destruction of native peoples.
The Columbus Landfall Homepage.
A select bibliography of Columbus literature, with capsule reviews.
Want to know more? Try these Links to other sites about Columbus and his times.
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